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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sugar Coma 2014: Cinco de Sugar Coma!

Sugar Coma 2014, "Cinco de Sugar Coma," was AWESOME!

Just imagine it: tables and tables and booths and carts of samples of appealing and delicious sweets--with a few savory treats here and there! And, it's not a dream! There are many more treats than you can possibly eat!

To enjoy the entire event, you actually have to hold yourself back from too much sampling at the first few vendors you see, so you can have room for later vendors! It was difficult, but after "maxing out" last Sugar Coma, I limited myself to one bite of some multi-bite treats this year, instead of savoring every delicious crumb! To dessert lovers, Sugar Coma is absolutely a bliss-filled slice of heaven on earth!

From my first taste of Cake Cafe's popcorn, and their caramel cake, to Graveyard Tavern's Chipotle Pimiento Cheese, and Beet Hummus, along with EVERYTHING in between, there was absolutely nothing that did not taste GOOD! Yes, some desserts were better than others--some WAY better--but it was ALL GOOD!

I will let the photos speak for themselves! Check out the link to my complete photo gallery at the bottom of my blog. Hope to see you there next year! Follow The Broke Socialite and Sugar Coma Events on Facebook, so you won't miss out next time!

My friends and I are at Sugar Coma 2013 with Founder Shameeka Ayers 
Cake Cafe's PiƱata Cake, in honor of Cinco de Mayo! They are getting ready to open a new store at
3165 Peachtree Road, across from Huff Furniture, in the same plaza as Nancy's Pizza.
The Burly Bakers were one of my favorite vendors!
Their gluten free Chocolate Truffle cupcakes are OUT OF THIS WORLD!
Their motto: "If you're going to be bad, it better be good!" 
Cutie Beauty Cupcakes had lots of mini cupcake deliciousness for us to sample!
Just Add Honey offered samples of several deliciously different sweet teas! 
CEO Custom Cakes & Novelties edible Gucci Purse BLEW US AWAY! And it tasted good, too! 
Graveyard Tavern won our hearts, and delighted our tastebuds, with their
Chipotle Pimiento Cheese and Beet Hummus. The perfect "Savory Dessert" after our Sugar Coma Meal!

To see more photos of the goodies, and find vendor info, go to my Sugar Coma Facebook Album! 
Check out these Amazing Additional Vendors!!


  1. Thanks for the kind words and photos! It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday.


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