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Friday, December 9, 2011

Remembering Victims at Christmas

Remembering Victims at Christmas....

My husband, Ed, and I recently attended the Wellspring Living Gala. I have served on the Wellspring Living board for over ten years. Since 2001, Wellspring Living has partnered with other organizations to provide a safe place for hope and healing for victims of childhood sexual trauma, including sex trafficking.

Wellspring Teacher sharing stories. 
The purpose of this year's event was specifically to raise awareness and funds for the education portion of Wellspring Living's Victory Program for Girls. Education is a tool that builds self-confidence. Through a partnership with The Campus, the Wellspring Living Girls, earn credits that count toward graduation. Girls are motivated to learn by experiencing successes via a personalized curriculum which utilizes their strengths.  A good education ensures that the girls can become self supporting and have successful futures.

Table Centerpieces focus on education. 
Wellspring President, Mary Frances Bowley, far left,
in panel discussion with Wellspring Living Staff
Wellspring Living is also working to open a non-residential program, which will provide a safe learning environment for sex trafficking victims who do not require residential care. A day school will enable Wellspring Living to provide educational and therapeutic services, in a cost effective manner, for even more girls.  

Gala Guests were invited to "Take a Walk" through the story of how 12- year-old Angela, was lured into sex trafficking. Pimps are skilled at taking advantage of vulnerable children. The story was told via placards, representing the voices of Angela, a Narrator, and a Wellspring Living Teacher.
Introduction to the placards, color coded by speaker.
Angela is represented in each vignette by her purple backpack. 
Angela shares that her parents are uninvolved in her life,
and that she is being abused by her uncle.
Angela's room
Vulnerable, Angela is approached by a pimp while she is waiting for a bus.
The pimp flatters Angela, and seems to "understand her better than anyone ever has."
Angela falls for his charm and his promises. 
Angela discovers to her horror that the pimp's promises and gifts have strings attached.
Before long, Angela is being held captive, and raped for profit 8-10 times a day. 
Angela is rescued, and is thriving in the Wellspring Living Program. 
Wellspring Living's comprehensive program addresses the needs of body, soul, and spirit, to provide hope, healing, and a bright future for trafficking victims.
Individualized learning plans provide positive, successful educational experiences for the girls in Wellspring Living's Victory Program.
As you are enjoying the excitement of Christmas, please don't forget the less fortunate. Remember the one hundred plus children per day who are raped for profit in Georgia. Remember the hundreds of girls, and boys, already identified by law enforcement as victims, who are on the streets because there are no available beds in juvenile detention facilities, or safe places like Wellspring Living. During the Christmas Season, out of gratitude for your own family, will you consider a year end gift to Wellspring Living, to help victimized children? If we each give even a little bit, we can help a lot more kids! Thank you for your consideration.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!