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Friday, January 28, 2011

V.V.B.C.--Read Through the Bible in a Year!

Vicarious Virtual Book Club--
Read Through the Bible in a Year!


Just thought I'd share that I'm reading through the Bible in a year, with The Daily Walk Bible, New Living Translation, in case anyone wants to join me. (There are other Bible versions available.) I like the Daily Walk study notes, and the fact that every seven days you have a "catch up day," to catch up with your reading if you get behind.

If you want to read along with me, here is the reading schedule. Click Here for Walk Through the Bible Reading Plan It's dated 2010, but it's the same as in my Daily Walk Bible. If you jump in now, you can either gradually "catch up," or start on today's date, then go back and read the rest of January when you have time, or just stay on the correct date, and finish this time next year!

I'll do a "re-cap" about once a week from materials I used when I led a Bible Study group through reading all the way through the Bible in a year. I was inspired to start reading through the Bible by author and speaker, Judy Reamer, who related how she was inspired by Philip Green to love and read the Word of God. Mr. Green read the entire Bible 584 times in 28 years! At the end of this blog are an article by and about Philip Green, and two from Judy Reamer.

Judy, who is Jewish, became a Christian in Las Vegas, when her favorite singer, Pat Boone, used Old Testament Scriptures to point Judy to Jesus!  (Click here for Judy Reamer's website.) Judy is an inspiring speaker, if you need one! Her testimony and her "Shoes" talks are my favorites!

I've read straight through the Bible about five times, I think. Unfortunately, I've lost count! Anybody want to read along with me this time?

Philip Green's Booklet: How to Read the Bible
Judy Reamer's List of Benefits of Reading Through the Bible
Judy Reamer's Directions for Dividing the Bible into Manageable Parts

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