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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Life in the Fast Lane! A Visit to Atlanta Motor Speedway

Life in the Fast Lane!
A Visit to Atlanta Motor Speedway

Pleasant temperatures and overcast skies set the stage for the JOY Group's monthly excursion for September. We took a tour of the Atlanta Motor Speedway, which I highly recommend. It is a bargain at only $5.00, with organizer and bus driver getting in free!
AMS Entrance
Our tour guide, David, gave us a very informative "behind the scenes" tour that included visits to Pit Row, the Finish Line, Victory Lane, the garages, and one of the deluxe suites that overlooks the finish line, and two (fast) laps around the track. Actually, we drove around more, because David let us take pictures several places. 

David, who also served as our driver, assured us that he never drives over 65 m.p.h. on the track, and we certainly don't want him to get into trouble for breaking any rules! I'm sure it was probably just the angle from which we passengers were viewing the gauge, but I thought I saw 85 on the speedometer, before I started watching the wall rushing toward me from the front passenger seat. Jim, First Baptist Peachtree City's Discipleship Pastor, thought he saw 95! 

Whatever the speed, it was plenty fast, and more than exciting enough for me! The banking feels pretty drastic when you're going slowly, but as you pick up speed, it's less obvious. Riding around the track was fun, and David kept us entertained! He told stories, and patiently answered all our questions.  

Going around the track at Atlanta Motor Speedway at almost a hundred miles per hour wasn't on my "Bucket List," but maybe it should have been! As we started picking up speed, my adrenaline kicked in, and the trip started to seem a little risky, even though I felt fairly safe. 
My finger was in the way as I turned around to take the photo. Note passengers leaning!
Picking up speed, and headed up the slope on the curve! 
I don't have any desire to take that same trip at speeds of well over 170 m.p.h., like the NASCAR drivers, which puts them around the track in less than a minute! If I ever change my mind, though, there are options to pay for the experience of taking a ride with a race car driver, or of taking driving lessons with the Richard Petty Driving Experience

We found out there is going to be a Christmas Light Display at Atlanta Motor Speedway. It is 1.7 miles of lights, and the charge is only $15.00 per vehicle. I think that's going to be our JOY outing for December! Stay tuned! 

Mural and Photo Display in Elevator Lobby.
There were clouds painted on the ceiling, and a #3 in the clouds....

Finish Line! 

Under the stands, which seat over 120,000!

View from Suites
Link to more Photos from the JOY Trip.

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