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Monday, November 21, 2011

V.V.B.C. 2012 Book Club Reading List (Jan-June)

UPDATE: I am in the process of launching a new website that will be a resource for finding and sharing family traditions. Please sign up to be notified when it launches!
Thank you!

For those of you who are new to the Vicarious Virtual Book Club, or V.V.B.C: This is an online "book club" that follows the reading selections of my "real" book club. This group allows the opportunity for anyone to have a book club experience without actually having to GO to book club! You can enjoy reading the books, hearing about the "real" book club's discussions, and commenting on books, if you desire.

You may enjoy the Vicarious Virtual Book Club wherever you are--no traveling to meetings! If you want to come to online book club meetings in your pajamas, feel free! No worries about what to wear! No membership requirements! No rules!

The V.V.B.C. is simply an opportunity to share your love of books with other like-minded individuals. This online book club blog gives you a place to interact, discuss, comment, and question. Anyone is welcome to join in.

My "real" Sister Chicks book club is also a very informal group. People come when they want, read the books they want, and participate in the discussions--or not! We have an average of about 15 at each meeting.  Some people come regularly, while others come only occasionally.

The Sister Chicks had a great list of proposed books from which to choose our next books! Each person who wants to make a suggestion, or two, has the opportunity twice a year. We present our book nominations briefly, then each of us votes for our 6 favorites. The top six vote-getters win.

We selected 5 books outright. The sixth selection ended as a tie. We agreed that one of those two sixth place books will be on our list, and the other will be the first book for the Sister Chicks' reading list for the second half of next year.

I don't post any discussion about the books for the Virtual Book Club until after my "real" book club has discussed the book. Here's the schedule for for the first half of 2012!

January 16    Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

February 13  Nearing Home by Billy Graham

March 19      Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff

April 16        Killing Lincoln by Bill O'Reilly

May 21         Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

June 18         Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs


I probably LISTEN to about half of my book club selections on my iPhone. I download them from Audible. If you would like to hear audio samples of any of these selections, or get more information about Audible books, please click on one of the Audible links in the right border. 

Our nominated books were widely diverse, and there were a number of them that sounded really good. I'm sure I'll be reading some of our "runners up!" I will list all of the nominated books, and all of our previously read books, on a separate blog entry soon, for those of you who might be interested! 

Hope you'll join us for some discussions! HAPPY READING! 

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  1. You've got some great books lined up!

    A favorite go-to of mine for book reviews is The Book Report - a weekly radio broadcast I listen to in Atlanta (but I know they broadcast the same show in other cities too). It is a fun show with author interviews and readings and much more.
    If you are interested check out for a listing of stations and times.


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