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Thursday, January 2, 2014



On January first, I started toward my goal of Reading through the Bible again, in a Year! If you've never read all the way through the Bible, now is a good time to start! With the Daily Walk Bible, every 7 days, you  have a day to catch up on readings you may have missed. I've previously led Bible Study discussion groups as we read through the Bible together, and have gathered supplemental information I will share.

Even if you get behind, I want to encourage you to keep reading! If you're trying to read all the way through the Bible in a year, you can "start over" any day, and keep reading till you're back where you started! Eventually, you'll read the complete Bible whether you start in Genesis or John, if you just keep reading! Or, you can note the days you missed, and make them up. It is ok if you miss days, whether due to circumstances, or simply forgetting! You may either catch up when you can, start your "year clock" over, or skip to where you need to be! You don't have to read every single word of the Bible, or even be "up-to-date" on your readings, to reap the benefits from a group discussion! Just keep reading--whenever you can!

This will not a legalistic group. Comment if you want to, don't comment if you don't want to! You're welcome to read along whether your goal is simply to make a habit of reading your Bible more regularly, you just want to check in occasionally, or you want to finish the Bible in a year!

I find that each time I read through the Bible is a new experience. I learn seemingly "new" things, even though I've read them before, and I have different insights on passages. I love comparing thoughts with others reading the same passages.

Below is a sponsored Amazon Link to the Daily Walk Bible I'm using via Kindle Reader on my iPhone. This year I am using the New Living Translation, but you are welcome to use any version you prefer. I will also post the weekly readings schedule online for those of you who would like to use your own Bibles.

The Daily Walk Bible, New Living Translation, as well as other translations, have an excellent introductory section, as well as daily insights, historical information, and context help.
Looking forward to Our Journey!

*Feel free to join other online readers in this "Read Through The Bible In A Year" sub-group of my online "Vicarious Virtual Book Club", or V.V.B.C.  

We also read the same selections as my "real life" book club. You   

may read as many, or as few, of the books as you wish. Feel free to 

enjoy the commentary, make comments, and start discussions! No 

commitment required! 

Hope you'll decide to join the fun! Participating in a book club, 

albeit a virtual club, is a great way to read and discuss books that 

you might not otherwise select! Plus, you can wear your pajamas 

to the "meetings," if you want!  

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