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Friday, October 15, 2010

An Adventure "Bucket List"

My friend, Deborah, went sky diving to celebrate a milestone birthday. I have absolutely no desire to follow her example! Seeing our friend, Bob, came hobbling into church with one leg bent at the knee, supported on a scooter-like thing, from breaking his foot skydiving, did nothing to change my mind! (The scooter thing did seem easier and more fun than crutches. I'm going to keep it in mind in case I ever need crutches again!)

Several more people have recently expressed to me their desires to mark their 60th birthdays by jumping out of planes. I encourage them to "go for it" and volunteer to take pictures for them, but do not plan to join them jumping! I wouldn't mind riding in the plane, and told one friend I'd even push her out!

I think I am pretty adventurous--not a daredevil like Brittany--but, I have always liked to "push the envelope" with unusual, and maybe sometimes just a little risky, "adventures!" Usually, I'm just looking to enjoy something new and different.

When we were talking about sky diving, I told my friends that I had been motorized hang gliding at the old "Tut's Hang Gliding Heaven," in Rabun County, and that was as close as I wanted to get to jumping out of an airplane! I just came across the photos from THAT adventure! Here they are!

Thinking about some of my former adventures has made me start compiling a list of all my adventures. I started on the adventure path at an early age! While I'm at it, I think I'll work on an "Adventure Bucket List." It will probably be mostly travel adventures! I think I've just about gotten all the "dangerous" adventures out of my system! I just don't heal as quickly as I used to, and I've found that it is possible to REALLY hurt myself! LOL!

I'm curious: What was your favorite personal adventure thus far? What adventure is at the top of your current "to do" list? Leave a comment with your answers below! I'll have to think about my answers and get back to you! Maybe I'll publish my list!

Much love and laughter!


  1. Funny you will fly in the plane and push them out!! LOL I am so surprised you wouldn't jump!

  2. Hi! i live in North Ga. i agree with you, no sky diving. At this moment,I can't think about any adventure I would like to accomplish. My husband and love go karts and would like to build a track. have a good evening. rose

  3. Hi Jamie, No she doesn't have a boyfriend.


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