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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Senior Citizens Don't Have to Act Old!

Senior Citizens Don't Have to Act Old!

My new "playmates" know how to have a good time! In fact, I haven't had so much fun in one day, in a long time!

I just returned from an overnight trip around the Northeast Georgia mountains, in the rain! However, neither tornado watches, nor torrential rain could dampen the spirits of the First Baptist Church, Peachtree City, Georgia, Senior Adults, "Joy Travel Group!"

The first Sunday Ed and I went back to First Baptist, a couple of months ago, Martha Boynton told me she was "putting in" my name to help with the senior adults' trips and speakers! I considered that, talked to the "pastor in charge" and got on board! I'm now officially the new "trip and program planner," and I'll have input twice a year from the executive committee!

Sara Smith did an excellent job planning our recent tour of multiple destinations in Northeast Georgia. She crammed at least 15 hours worth of fun into 12 hours! We departed Peachtree City at 8:30 Tuesday, stopped for snacks and a bathroom break at McDonald's in Gainesville, then went to Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, to watch some "babies" being born by "C" (for Cabbage) Section, in the Cabbage Patch.

We had a delicious three course lunch at Let's Go to Bernies in Sautee-Nacoochee. We also went to Nora Mill Granary and the Old Sautee Store.

The main trip "theme" for our trip was places associated with the 1950 movie "I'd Climb the Highest Mountain" based on a novel by the same name, written by Cora Harris. The movie featured Susan Hayward, William Lundigan, and Rory Calhoun.

"On location" filming showcased areas in and around Helen, and provided jobs for many local residents. The Granary and the 150 year old Chattahoochee United Methodist Church both figured prominently in the movie.

Our last stop before heading to our motel, the Best Western in downtown Helen, was at Fred's Famous Peanuts. We sampled roasted, boiled, and fried peanuts, along with peanut brittle, apple butter, apples, and ciders. They also had some AMAZING pork rinds, and I don't even care for pork rinds! The praline pecans called my name, and I had to buy some for an immediate snack!

Carol, our tour guide from the hotel, arranged a showing of the movie "I'd Climb the Highest Mountain." Shirley McDonald, from Clayton, was Susan Hayward's "Double." Before the movie, Shirley shared photos, newspaper clippings, stories and interesting tidbits about her 8 weeks in the movie business, making a little over $7.00 a day.

The hotel provided hot dogs, soft drinks, popcorn, etc., for us to enjoy during the movie in the conference room. "I'd Climb the Highest Mountain" was an example of the way movies ought to be! Clean, dramatic, romantic, moral dilemmas, and a happy ending! After the movie, I shared my two newly published Chicken Soup Christmas stories, and some photos to go along with them. The "party" broke up around 9, and I went to my room and watched t.v., and hung out with my new friend Jean.

We had a nice breakfast, which was included with our hotel, then the fun resumed! The group enjoyed more shopping, buying apples, and a nice lunch, before heading for home Wednesday afternoon.

Trips are already scheduled through January, and speakers through March. Volunteer speakers, with interesting topics, help stretch our budget. We are also looking for inexpensive trip destinations, for day and overnight trips. Any suggestions? Any volunteers?

If you're interested in meeting interesting, enthusiastic, dynamic people, bring a dish to share, and come to our November 9th potluck lunch, (usually the first Tuesday, moved to the second Tuesday, because of the election,) First Baptist Peachtree City, at noon! If you're over 55, you're welcome to join the group--if you think you can keep up with us!

The Cabbage Patch, under a tree full of Bunny Bees.

The Doctor getting ready to do a C (cabbage) Section.

Blue screen means it's a boy.

Cabbage Patch Baby Boy!

Two red-haired babes with friends!

Some of the Joy Travel Gang
Checking out the nursery.
Newborns in the nursery
Babies waiting to be adopted.

Sara Smith and Pappy Boynton blowing bubbles with giant bubble wands at the old Sautee Store.

Chattahoochee Methodist Church featured on the movie "I'd Climb the Highest Mountain" - filmed at locations around Helen, GA.

Stained glass in church above-Jesus standing at the door and knocking.

Inside church.

Fred's Famous Peanuts!
At Fred's Famous Peanuts
Sampling those delicious pork rinds!
Feeding frenzy!
Chillin' at Fred's.
Fred's famous dummies! (Grown Cabbage Patch kids.)
The cooler....and sign.
Pretty honey.
Fall colors....

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  1. Looks like a fun trip Jamie!! I have to remember to LOOK for your book again!


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