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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

National Weather Service Water and Weather Forecasting

National Weather Service
Water and Weather Forecasting

The first stop for First Baptist Church of Peachtree City's Adult JOY trip for February was to the National Weather Service's Water and Weather Forecasting Office in Peachtree City, GA. We got "up close and personal" with the meteorologists and other employees, learning about forecasting, tracking storms, launching weather balloons, and interesting details about watching weather and river data on the weather service's website. Weather Page. 

Several days after the tour we had tornadoes in our area. It was interesting knowing more about the background and preparation that goes into the tracking and warnings! It was fun actually seeing and holding a weather balloon. (It was a little disconcerting, though, to find out the cost of sending them up twice a day--more in inclement weather!) 

Our second stop was at the new facilities of the Midwest Food Bank in Peachtree City, managed by Ken King, (also a member of First Baptist Peachtree City.) Midwest supplies food for non-profit ministries that feed the hungry.

Our last stop was for a delicious Mexican lunch at El Ranchero at Westpark Walk in Peachtree City.

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