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Monday, November 1, 2010

God is Painting in the Mountains!

God is Painting in the Mountains!

Here are a few photos from this past week in the North Georgia mountains! I never get tired of the long-range view, or the feeling of being "on the top of the world, looking down on Creation" as the Carpenters sang, in their 1973, number one hit song! (Youtube link to Top of the World.)

The crabapples tasted tart and crisp, and looked so pretty among the leaves! I loved how the damp leaves looked in the photographs! Clouds and fog give the view, and photos, an entirely different feel than on a clear day.

My next-door neighbor, Susie Halpern, and I enjoyed spending time together "catching up." She's trying to sell her home, and I'm REALLY hoping to find some good new neighbors among my friends or acquaintances! Here's the link to her home listing!

Also, three houses down from us, my long-time friend, Buckhead Interior Designer, author, and speaker, Ann Platz, is selling her much larger home, which is perfect for retreats and large family gatherings. Here is Ann's home listing.

Rabun County is truly God's Country, and in my mind, there is no more beautiful place on earth! There is a waterfall to which you can drive almost to the base, less than 3 miles away. There are lots of other falls that are easy walks/hikes, as well as Tallulah Gorge and Black Rock Mountain State Parks. There are all kinds of activities, restaurants, and shopping in the area. It's about 45 minutes to Franklin, N.C. or Helen, and minutes from Lakes Rabun and Burton.

Both of these homes are easily accessible, on top of Long Mountain, only about 2 miles off of US 441. We'd love to be your neighbors. Call me if you have any questions, and y'all come!

Susie's lower level deck.
Susie and Max

Sunrise view....

You can see upwards of 20 levels of mountains!

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  1. Don't you just love the mountains? Those views are amazing!


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