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Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's OFFICIAL: GSU Has WINNING Inaugural Season!

GSU Has WINNING Inaugural Season!

Today's 23-17 win over Lamar puts Georgia State up by two games, and thus ensures GSU a WINNING INAUGURAL SEASON. Now, even if we happen not to beat BAMA, we'll still end up with a winning season! YAY PANTHERS!

Our Panthers kept things exciting for the fans, right up until the end of the game! Here are some photos of happy team members with family, friends, and fans, taken this afternoon, before, during and after our last home game of the 2010 season!

Before the game, our GSU Marching Band and Drum Line set the tone for a festive game day experience. Here is a short video of the drum line.

The band was awesome at halftime, as they filled the field and played with "guest students" from several Georgia high schools. Thanks to the Band, Flag team, Cheerleaders, and Pantherettes, for your contributions to the overall Panther Football Experience!

Thanks to the TEAM, Coaches, and Support Staff for all your hard work!
Thanks to Athletic Director, Cheryl Levick, the athletic department staff, sportscasters, film crew, and all others who work "behind the scenes."
Special thanks to the Dome Personnel, concession workers, and clean up crew. This season couldn't have come together without everyone's help, (including the students and their athletic fees! A BIG thanks for those!)

For the last year, it seemed like this football season would never get here. Now, it seems as if our Inaugural Season has flown by! I'm looking forward to next year, already!

As a football parent (Blake Wyatt, #18, OLB, Special Teams), I have enjoyed getting to know the players and their family members. I've also enjoyed meeting other FANS! (Video clip of one of Blake's special team plays I captured today.)

Together, we have watched our team make history, and together, we are on our way to an even brighter future for GSU football! Let's spread the word about the fun, excitement, and entertainment we've enjoyed this season, so next year's experience, and crowds, will be even better!  

In the meantime, I'll be heading to Tuscaloosa, on November 18th, for the GSU/Alabama Game. Hope to see you there! What a way to end our season! STAY TUNED....


  1. Great write up! So sad the season is almost over!

  2. Great job, Jamie! Great pics too! Good luck on the 18th!


  3. Great pictures! You're son is a class act and I'm looking forward to the next 3 years cheering he and the rest of the Panthers on!

    As I mentioned on the AJC site, I talk to your husband every home game and I actually used to work with Debbie and Tyler Routon who I believe you guys went to church with. Small world isn't it?

    Keep up the great work and I'd love for you to follow my blog as well. We talk Georgia State, all day, every day.

  4. back from a trip. i'm not into sports, but your photos were great. the band sounded wonderful. take care rose

  5. great pictures! thanks for stopping by the blog today. when I click on the video link it takes me to Julie Andrews singing Feed the Birds? I didn't work for you.

  6. Thanks for visiting me, so I could do the same. It looks like you have a beautiful life. Keep on dancing! xo


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