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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Panther Pride Peaks in Tuscaloosa!

Panther Pride Peaks in Tuscaloosa!

Going to Tuscaloosa to watch GSU play the defending National Champions in front of over 100,000 fans, was a great experience for all involved! PANTHER FANS were treated to the spectacle of our New Favorite Team playing in the huge Bryant-Denny Stadium, home of The University of Alabama Crimson Tide's legendary football heritage. 

While watching the BAMA fans gather before the game to line the walkway on which the Crimson Tide enter the stadium,  I was "fast-forwarding" 20 years into our future, to where, in my mind, "Panther Pride" will be legendary on its own merit, and we will have our own signature cheers and events with which to inspire awe in our opponents. 
Bama Fans Lining the Walkway, waiting for their team to arrive. 

The score may not reflect it, but Panther fans have a lot to be proud of! GSU is the 

only team to run a kickoff back for a TD on BAMA this year. Here is my shaky video. 

(My son is # 18) 
We had some good kickoff coverage. We completed a 55 yard pass. We made a good goal line stand! Defense made some good stops. It was exciting
to watch our guys on the field! I know the team loved playing in Bryant-Denny Stadium! 

The enthusiasm of the BAMA fans was infectious.Those of us in Blue may have been vastly outnumbered by those wearing Crimson and Houndstooth, but we were not intimidated or discouraged! 
Hearing our GSU Marching Band perform our new fight song caused  Panther Fans' pride to soar to new heights! 

 "The sky is the limit" when it comes to 

writing the future of the GSU Panther 
Football "Tradition." Maybe the athletic 
department should have a forum (online 
and public meetings) and become 
intentional about getting input on ideas 
for new "Panther traditions" and ways to  
build team spirit, fan support, and 
sponsor buy-ins for all Panther sports.

(Perhaps everyone making claws out of their 
hands for first downs, while chanting "Pounce Panthers!")

It would have been nice to have seen a "miracle" win in Tuscaloosa, but, regardless of the score I am VERY PROUD OF OUR INAUGURAL PANTHER FOOTBALL TEAM! Our program is only going to get better!  GREAT WORK, GUYS! See you in 2011!

The Panthers are on the Prowl--Entering the Stadium of 100,000+ Fans!

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